DesignStyle and simplicity


Three times a single character, assembled in once.

  1. One feeling for an evolution
  2. Several poses linked by a line.
  3. Animated by a new sensation, my outlet was to first express it in writing, describing my feelings and then illustrating it...

The call

My beak nestling in his heart
Embalmed by its smell
Hit right on target
The images around me pass by
Awakening the occult ardor
Spreads the indomitable heat

Far from it everything freezes
And I'm dizzy
His musk can't fall
Thus appears a fog mole
Then come the side effects
Crazy for flesh
Dazzled I am obedient
Mingling with this frantic dance
My body starts to boil
I curve my back and breathe out
Out of my shell
I cannot escape the mirage

What to remember?

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Happy travel on the web, it will be a great pleasure to see you again.