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Recently I became interested in the realistic portraits, I took pleasure working the nuances of the skin,  its grain. I stylized the cloth by reinventing a top with harsh lines, can we call this mix daring?

I wanted to try drawing a black skin, something I don't pratice enough. I think I was unconsciously inspired by the women of color that Yves st Laurent put forward. I rediscovered it repeatedly at his museum at Marrakech(next to Majorelle gardens).

In his creations, he often highlighted ethnicities, cultures, which I really liked. After some research I have indeed found that it has helped the cause of women of color as evidenced by this extract from the online magazine:

Following his death on June 1, 2008, the British top model Naomi Campbell, one of the black muses of Mr. Saint Laurent paid tribute to him (at the microphone of Channel 4 in Great Britain) in these terms: "Yves Saint Laurent has so much for people of color (...). I got my very first Vogue cover thanks to this man. When I told him "Yves, they're not going to give me the cover of the French edition of Vogue, they don't want to put a black one on the cover ", he replied" I'm going to take care of that ", and he did it. (...) He was extremely important in my career, he told me gave one of my first contracts. He was the first designer to put women of color in his fashion shows.

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