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By taking up the key concepts that I scribbled on my notebook, I scrutinize representations made by others.


Earth, as the universal symbol of our world, of the ecology of the link between us

  1. Globe with leaves dynamic!
  2. Minimalist globe!
  3. I like the cutting between the globe and the leaf


Coming to men, interaction and our impact, but only relates more to an icon than to a logo

  1. The group supporting the world unity, action
  2. Together by two hands turned towards each other
  3. Classic hand that represents ecology but blah in logo


Nature, an effective symbol that speaks. To style, reuse.

  1. Too simple, not interesting
  2. Graphic style sheet
  3. Reuse of a sheet in an organization Ordered ecology


The resumption of distinctive signs with strong symbolic value to appropriate

  1. recognizable recycling symbol
  2. stylized tree, interesting graphics with a visual identity


Theme of the book, taken from Lyautey's W .

But should be mixed so as not to be in the concept of the course.

Make cutouts, to combine with bulbs, leaves.

Why not a pencil !!!


The light bulb, like an enlightened idea, innovation clear.

I take back the light bulb which was figured on the book.

It also works with one hand, but why not put more than one.

The idea sharing with the representation of several people a link between them.


Highlight people. To represent them, a half circle is enough.

We can play on the sizes to suggest different ages (Adults / children) which translates the composition of student teachers.

In the 2nd series of icons, the representation of the links takes the 1st plane.


Discuss the organization, the links between us, the structure and what it is made of.

A puzzle with pieces that fit together the visuals seem too complex to me, I wanted a clean pattern.

idée partagée

For a result that meets my expectations, I develop my approach, my research Go further!

Variants on 2.3: Bulb and leaves

feuilleI developed the four '2.x models' by adding colors to it

As the illustration shows, colors modify plastic language and influence the perceived message.

Variants on 2.2: Face and leaves

On this version, I had more fun playing with colors



Finalization of the logo

On December 17, 2019, I presented my research to the science teachers supervising the club: Sasha; Madame Schmitt, Micou, Lala

They loved the description of the process and enjoyed the testing.

They preferred 2.2: Face and leaves because ecology goes beyond the idea as in 2.3: Bulb and leaves but transfigures Man, is part from him.

Face studies


Sasha likes the leaves that spread ecological awareness with reference to the Larousse image " I sow at all wind ". You can see this variant in the figure on the left.

Madame Schmitt didn't really like focusing on people. For her, I pushed the research further to add the Earth but I didn't want to fall into the cliché of just a globe.

In our reflection we wanted to put an end of the globe, and we thought of Africa, where we live.
I liked the eye and ear symbol: "I see and I listen."

For me Man is important because he is the lever, the agent of change.

He is at the center of the project and must act. It is a human group and I find this essential aspect in the representation that I wish to give of the logo.

I integrate the changes I received, following my instinct.

I started making a model of all the possible variants to test the versions:

  • Humanoid or not
  • Africa on the hair or not
  • Leaning or straight
  • From the front or from ¾
  • With or without outline
  • With the leaves scattered or grouped
  • This method is time consuming (count 64 possibilities), so I selected the most relevant feeling.

    I arrived at 3 more or less dynamic poses, in 2 colors which considerably changed the logo.

    On the latest versions (7 to 9), I tackle typography because the logo is nothing without its name.
    I take the writing in italics with fir green which for me takes again the spirit "green" and stands out well on the white.

Variants on 2.2.c

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