My projectsSo many to put in motion, running after time

With Emms' initiative, we decided to try a common experiment - create a series of animals but with two conditions

  1. they are in movement
  2. they must be mechanical.

The idea of drawing animals immediately appealed to me because I always liked to draw animals, little my dad taught me how to draw them

In addition, their organic shapes, work on stroke design and shapes allow me more interpretation and freedom than with humanoids ...

The challenge is to have a dynamic result and to deconstruct the interpreted organism with its quick artistic vision. Doable!

I chose here the hyena, this fast mammal is easy to caricature with its large neck, its low rump and of course its pointed ears.

There are 4 types of hyenas that I mixed to have the model I preferred.


Then to draw this movement I did some research on google and YouTube looking for profile hyenas in full speed.

I tried to represent the volumes and muscles and do research on the desired dynamics.

In the middle of my work, I worked it from the afternoon until dawn. I was interested in graphics, the silhouette.

In this creative collaboration, Dad transmitted my drawing in watercolor.
I tried with material brushes to respect the spirit of the fluidity of watercolor.

Emms brilliantly brought this digital drawing to watercolor, I invite you to view the site of his very complete article on the project



Extract from the video project that works on the presentation of the project, the work becomes in its own way the way it is shown

What to remember?

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Happy travel on the web, it will be a great pleasure to see you again.