My projectsSo many to put in motion, running after time

The walls of the school are sad, this cannot last.
We're going to break the gray… Drop the BOMBS on the walls!


My English teacher Miss Gunning from Seconde was supervising the project and invited me to join her artistic project with the 11th grade students of Lyautey Senior High School

(she knew my artistic appetites and that I would love it!)


The idea is to represent Morocco while avoiding clichés.

  • In Casablanca between the blue of the sky and the sea we have only to open our eyes. These are lands that we all share. Hence the omnipresence of this color contrasting with the sand and white.
  • The spirit of tradition resides in iron work on the sides to take up the artisanal side and the phrase "in our history lies hope" in Berber, Arabic, English and French shows the plurality of Moroccan culture.
  • The handover is made between the generations in evolution between the granny in djellaba contemplating the world next to a man in modern clothes (we took the cup of the tagger!)
  • Recycling bottle caps adds substance and a little ecological awareness.

At my arrival the project only needed to be made! The tagger Reda Boudina helped us to have a clean rendering.

This physical joint work with the body moving around the work, in the open air, on a new medium definitively brought me out of my comfort zone and opened me to new horizons!
I would like to thank Mrs Gunning again who made this project possible. Thank you !!


With my name on the list of the students participating in the project, I was allowed to join during my lunch break hours.
Graffiti was a new medium for me, it was my first tag.

They explained the basics to me: There were 3 different bit sizes to vary the accuracy. Gloves were loaned to me so as not to get stained as well as a mask with filter so as not to annihilate the aerosol gases. I participated at the bottom of the graft, more particularly the sky. The illustration was drawn on the wall in pencil with paper so we had markers.

On a stepladder I first helped fill the sky with a clear blue with my bomb facing the wall then a few hours after drying with a medium tip and my bomb diagonally I created a gradient from top to bottom of the dark to lighter. My distance and inclination with the wall varying the intensity of my throw.

What to remember?

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