Mon portfolioUne sélection de mes dessins


Deux petits anges qui s'aiment librement.

…et parce que la St Valentin est un bon prétexte pour partager un de mes poèmes


My Inescapable Acolyte

It's breaking apart

My daily round is no longer a flowchart,

At our very first glance, I had a penchant

And you gotta know that I was first reluctant

But now my heart is floating around

Since our souls and hands get bound

Carried to you world full of sarsaparilla

Your raven hair yield the sweet smell of vanilla,

I dare you telling me how I could resist

Now without you it's like someone is tieding my tiny wrists

Why is it unbearable, I find this waiting quite a strain

Only capable of muffled cries in the rain

Whipe away my dried tears, I can heal

I won't get submerged, tell me its no big deal

And because you got me with you arrow

Together lets taste the rainbow.

Xunny, 2018

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